Wednesday, October 17, 2012


MY PEARL, MY DOVE, MY ANGEL My wonderful pearl, Your love: money cannot procure For your value is worth far more, You mean so much to me. My lovely dove, When I hear your sweet voice, it thrills me so And your affection satisfies my soul, I’m so blessed to have you as mine. My sweet angel, You are so kind and all beautiful And such a guardian-lover too, God gave you me as a heavenly helpmate. We will bond forever, That’s the way it’s divinely pronounced And our love and joy will know no bound, You’re my pearl, my dove, my angel. © By Albert A. Olofinnika, 2012. -Dedicated to my very Sweetheart.(Olufunke Ogedengbe

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WHEN WILL IT BE? (Abecedarius)

And now I remember back in those days,
Beginning from elementary school till subsequent stages,
Chiefly of the maxims we hear our teachers say:
‘Do your best and leave the rest!’ stressed the sages,
Especially: ‘you are the leaders of tomorrow’…geez!

Aa-aa-ah, you are the leaders of tomorrow? Huh?
But I was a juvenile then, now I’m much more older, or
Could it be that we were being fooled then? Duh!
Do we see those words in their real manifestation? Aw…
Even today; the same CLIQUES of those days are still up there.

And when will it indeed be? Huh? Hmm… the vast
Best of our times are here already, but those expectations
Cannot be attained…oops! Time is running out fast,
Don’t you think it’s high time these old-farts went to recession?
Enchanted as we seem, these seats they’ve made royal thrones.

Alas! The young-bloods seem to just stare on in vulnerability too
But now is our time to wake up and take our rightful place, pow!
Can’t say we do not need the old-folks tho’, ‘cause we sure do,
Dynamic hands and brains are just of highest necessity now,
Embark on this HIGHWAY, comrades; let’s make our calling sure…
© By Albert A. Olofinnika, 2011.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


A dog took a stick on the table
With which he would pick a spoon
To mingle leaves and water for a cat to be stable,
After fever was gone, the cat sat on a stool.
Well friend, don’t be fooled for it’s nothing but a fable!
© By Albert A. Olofinnika, 2009.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Little child go to sleep,
It is night you need not weep,
I’ll help with your bed-keep,
There you will be sleeping deep,
Zzz-zzz, zzz-zzz, what a peep!
© By Albert A. Olofinnika, 2008.

Friday, May 6, 2011


It was on the third of May,
That year was very dear,
The month was to the north,
The week was quick,
And the day was gay,
That hour was full of power,
The minute was so sweet,
And the second was reckoned,
That moment a gem arrived!
This poem was written by Albert A. Olofinnika

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Heaven sent me a gift,
A very special one indeed
That brought me a wonderful lift,
Tongue can’t tell of it; so splendid,
A beautiful mighty One,
Through whom sin and Satan I won.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We Are All Beautiful

We are all beautiful,
For we’re all God’s wonderful creature
When He made us male and female then-
God looked and saw that it was all good.

He made some big and some small,
Some are young and some are old
Some are white and some are black
Some are short and some are tall.

No matter where you come from too,
Whatever the colour of your hair and eyes
Or the shape of your head and nose
God made it so and we are all beautiful.

We’re made in God’s image- that’s cool;
Whichever language you do speak,
It doesn’t even matter what you look like
God loves you for ‘we are all beautiful!’

This poem was written

by Albert A. Olofinnika.

Live Your Dream

Why do you stand down?
When you are meant to stand out
The world is waiting right outside your door
What are you waiting for?
Come on, here’s your chance to live.

Don’t let it slip through your hand
Be free to live your dream and stand,
Release the giant within and step out
Let your spirit fly above the clouds
And be who you really want to be.

This poem was written

by Albert A. Olofinnika.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


He makes the blind to see
And the deaf to hear,
In His name; demons do flee,
And in mercy; draws sinners near.

He makes the lame to walk
And the dumb to speak,
To heal; He won’t balk,
And to deliver; He’s never weak.

He takes away insanity
And heals paralysis,
From sin; He frees humanity,
And from death; He immortalizes.

He heals issue of blood
And even raise the dead,
The lost plunge in the flood
And in hope raise his head.

He’s a father and savior to all of us
And can heal all manner of diseases,
His name is JESUS,
And He’s ‘healer of a thousand diseases’.
By Albert A. Olofinnika,2008.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Once upon a barren moor
There dwelt a bear, also a boar,
The bear could not bear the boar,
The bear thought the boar was a bore.

At last the bear could bear no more
That boar that bored him on the moor.
And so one morn he bored the boar-
That boar will bore no more!